Hey. I'm Jack Dawson, currently living my life out in Heaven and still exploring. I used to travel all around the world, even though I didn't have much money. Then I went on the luxury passenger liner Titanic.
I think it's safe to say I've found a new place to explore!

Ask me absolutely anything; sometimes Fabrizio, Tommy Ryan and Lightoller get boring. But I found Rose. My life is complete :)
Ask box open!

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  • I know there are some out there — but I haven’t exactly been looking for them. The idea of more Jacks (and Roses!) is a bit frightening to me. Fabrizio likes it, though… O_O

    "I’m okay here." His voice was soft, sort of melancholy. "It could be better — but really, I’m just waiting for someone." 

    Cara’s grip tightened on his hand, and he felt oddly at ease. “Well,” he added, looking at her and the way her gaze caused him to reminisce of someone he felt as though he had seen yesterday — he could see her face as though it was yesterday when they’d parted, but they hadn’t parted, not really. “I guess it’s getting better, bit by bit. And your mother — ?”

    Sorry about the hair… I just woke up from a multimonth-long nap.

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    "I’m J-Jack," he said after a moment of shock. He bent down and touched the girl’s hair — Cara, he reminded himself — and marveled at the softness of it. But then he felt his pant leg soaking in tears and he asked softly, "Hey — Cara. Cara, what’s wrong? Are you and Sir Fluffington lost? Do you need help finding your mother?"